Oraculous Tales vol. 2: The Fuzzy Philosopher

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    Meeting A New Friend & Fan


    Becky and I were recently at big home school fair in Florida showing off our issues of Moo-Cow Fan Club magazine and our latest book Sword of the Ramurai. On the first day of the fair, a girl named Grace bought some issues of the magazine because she liked the way it looked. Just knowing we've reached one more person with Moo-Cow Fan Club always makes us happy, but this was just the beginning of our meetings with Grace that weekend. 

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    MCFC Appearances / Book Events!

    Here is a list of Moo-Cow Fan Club events we've got planned so far for Summer 2009. If you are near any of these locations you should come out and see us because we have a lot of fun at our book events! Plus, if you come and participate you can get an original illustration like this.



    Kiweenie chopstickin' illustration


    May 16th - Main Street Book Ends in Warner NH @ 2pm

    This is during the "Spring Into Warner" festival, so lots of fun stuff will be happening all day long.


    May 21st - 23rd - FPEA (Florida Parents & Educators Association) Homeschool Convention @ The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando Florida

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    Eraser Stamp Tea Tags

    Recently Keby was making her own tea, from herbs she grew in her garden, and she asked me what she should use for the tags on the tea bag strings. I thought since she was making her own special tea, she should have her own special tags!


    Lately I've really wanted to start making more stamps and prints. So I decided that's how I would do it! With a stamp you can make lots of copies of something easily but they look a lot nicer and more handmade than printing something from a computer. I thought about making a clay stamp like when I made a chinese chop, and I thought that maybe I'd try a foam tray print because it's easier, but then I saw one of Ryan's white rubber erasers he uses while drawing and I knew it would be perfect! 

    Keby's picture

    Keby's Special-Tea!


    You know that I love drinking tea, but did you know I make my own "tea" from my own herbs? Throughout the summer, I dry lots of herbs and use them for cooking and tea making in the winter. What I make is not technically tea because there are no tea leaves in it, but we'll just call it herbal tea to make things easy.

    Keby's homemade tea 

    I just made a batch of Keby’s Mint Special-Tea and wanted to show you how I do it and how easy it is for anyone to do. You don't even need to have your own dried herbs since you can buy them in most markets these days. I'll show you how to make mint tea because it's easy, and the only herb you'll need is mint!

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    Snowy Winter

    I don’t know about where you live, but here at MCFC headquarters we have been getting buried with snow, ice and freezing rain this winter. Normally, we keep pretty busy in winter with snowball fights, making snowmen, sledding and ending our day with a hot cup of cocoa. But the first major storm of this winter was a major ice storm which knocked out our power (and water) for 13 days! Then, we got buried by a number of giant storms that dumped a foot or more of snow, and added to all that we had a week of arctic weather with temperatures reaching -20 degrees!

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    Valentine's Day Book Party!

    Valentine's day book signing flier

    The Milford Toadstool Bookshop is located at Lorden Plaza
    586 Nashua St., Milford, NH 03055

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    Big Plans

    Ramses lays out his plans as president

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    An Historical Announcement

    The Votes are in

    Look at the FINAL VOTE! It's a landslide!

    Final Vote

    Ramses's picture

    Door to Door

    Ramses Campaigning Door To Door

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    The Secret to the Ultimate Candy Haul

    Ramses and I are trick-or-treat pros. We get so much candy every Halloween that it lasts us until the next year. Some of you will point out that Halloween shouldn't be all about candy and we shouldn't be eating so much of it. But to you, I say "Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!"


    Ramses' & F.W.'s super tips for getting the biggest

    Halloween candy haul you've ever seen.

    Ramses and F.W. Trick or Treating

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    Gutsy Snacks

    Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


    You know all those seeds that just seem like part of the gross, gooey, mushy pumpkin guts? Well, they are actually a delicious snack! Usually people just toast pumpkin seeds using salt as a flavoring, but why not try something else? You can cover them with garlic powder, curry powder, seasoned salt or anything else you can think of. Or, how about trying one of these recipes?


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    Pumpkin Chuckin'


    Hey look what we went to see! Who ever thought that throwing pumpkins with ancient castle siege technology would be so fun!

    Get the Flash Player to see this player.

    The Yankee Siege is located at the Yankee Farmer in Greenfield, NH.



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    My New Campaign Posters!

    Alright, so those other two guys had another debate and were afraid to invite me, again. Who needs to debate though, I'm obviously the people's clear choice in this election, have you seen the poll? I'm cleaning up!


    Just to make sure my rise to the White House (I think I'll rename it the Cape Castle when I get there) doesn't hit any snags, I'm going to unveil my newest and greatest campaign poster yet.! It was created by one of my biggest supporters, Gomoo, and she really got this one perfect. Just look at it...


    Ramses Campaign Poster by Gomoo

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    What's Big and Orange and Related to a Cucumber?


    Pumpkin Patch with Keby and F.W.



    You probably only think of pumpkins at Halloween when you’re carving them into jack-o-lanterns, but they’re actually pretty amazing plants worthy of year-round admiration. Here are some pumpkin facts you might not have known about.


    A single vine can grow as long as 30 feet. At its peak, the vine can grow as much as 6 inches a day!


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    Bad News

    Ramses is mad that they didn't ask him to debate

    Who do you want to be your next President?

    The Great Ramses!
    70% (38 votes)
    Old Wrinklehead
    4% (2 votes)
    The Young Old Guy
    26% (14 votes)
    Total votes: 54

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