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Growing & Growing - Phoebes Pt. 3


y nephews & nieces are growing up before my eyes! I've been taking pictures of them as they change from little motionless fuzzballs into fully feathered flying machines. Here is one picture I took when they were two weeks old. They had already lost some of that cute baby fuzz and were peeking out of the nest more.





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You Can Call Me Uncle Professor - Phoebes Pt. 2

birdy-popup-closeup.jpg Check out that crazy hair!



Hellooooo class. Guess what? I'm an uncle! That's right, the Phoebe family chicks hatched!


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Meet the Phoebes - Pt. 1


ramses-and-phoebe.jpgRamses: "Hey Mrs. P! How's the egg sitting going? Y'know, when those hatch you should let me know. Those kids of yours will need a good role model like me around."


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