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Editor's Note: Dave T. is a literature loving twelve year old who also enjoys writing reviews (under the nameReviewer Inc.). Since he does his ratings in dragons we are calling his section Dragon Picks. At the bottom of each review you can see how many dragons Dave gave the book out of a possible five.




Hearts at Stake (Drake Chronicles vol. 1) 
By Alyxandra Harvey
Review by Reviewer Inc. 



 Two high school girls named Solange Drake and Lucy Hamilton are best friends, but Solange is nearing the change from human to vampire. When Lucy’s parents go away on vacation, she goes to stay at the Drakes’ house and everything goes wrong.

  Solange has a prophecy that foretells of her becoming vampire queen, and the current ruler, Lady Natasha, is none too keen on giving up her post. She sends minions to attack the Drake house and capture Solange. The ensuing battles are bloody, and she’ll need all the help she can get from her seven older brothers, Lucy, and her enemy Kieran Black. 

  This was a very good book because it had intense battle scenes and romance. The battles were excellent and this was a true vampire book because the stake through heart = turning to ash, sunlight = ash, and holy water = burning. This was a very good book!

Published by Bloomsbury January 2010



Blood Feud (Drake Chronicles vol. 2) 
By Alyxandra Harvey
Review by Reviewer Inc. 


More Vampires!

 Blood Feud is the sequel to Hearts at Stake. The same family- the Drakes, who have 7 kids- but is a different story line.

  A few days after the climactic battle in the caves of Lady Natasha, the mess is still being cleaned up. Unfortunately, the mess also includes a few assassins, sent by Montmartre to kill Helena Drake before her coronation as queen. A party from the Hounds (the Drakes allies) are sent to show their good will. The party is led by Isabeau St. Croix. When the Hounds get to the caves they’re met by Logan Drake. He takes Isabeau to the Drakes’ house, where she meets the rest of the Drakes.

  Logan’s youngest sister, Solange, keeps getting “presents” from Montmartre, who wants Solange to be his queen. Logan and Isabeau track down the present givers, and then return to the caves. Then they have to go to the Hounds’ lair because Isabeau feels her mistress, Kala, is in danger. Kala is, and the caves are surrounded by Hel-Blar- mutant vampires working for Montmartre. Isabeau and Logan fight their way through the vampires and succeed. Isabeau and Logan like each other, and their friendship is the key to victory.

  This book is extremely well written. The action and battle scenes are very well described and even when there are no battle scenes, the book is still very suspenseful. There is some hard vocab - French? But still, the book is very well written.

Published by Bloomsbury August 2010



Both Books 5/5 Dragons

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