Ramses' Awesome Animal Arranger

This is a creature F.W. and I made up using the R.A.A.A.. F.W. says it looks just like a friend of his from Australia!




Have you ever noticed that most of Australia 's animals look like someone just decided to be silly one day and make up a bunch of creatures that seem unbelievable and ridiculous (look at F.W.)?

I figured if someone got to have all that fun putting pouches on everything, making a bear that wasn’t a bear, and assembling the platypus from spare parts, then we should get to have that kind of fun too! That’s why I’ve invented Ramses’ Awesome Animal Arranger! It’s a simple device to help you and your friends populate your neighborhood with as many oddities as the Outback, and it’s simple to use.

R.A.A.A. Templateraaa-template.gif


R.A.A.A. Rules

1. The frst person takes the template and, hidden from everyone else’s view, draws any kind of crazy head in the top space (make sure you continue the neck lines a little into the next space).

2. Then fold that section back along the dotted line and hand the paper to the next person. That person, without seeing the head, draws a chest and arms for the creature and folds it back.

3. You continue this until all the sections are filled in and then you unfold it to see what crazy creature you have created!

Click on the template to get a printable version. Or you can just use a regulare piece of paper seperated into four sections.


Ramses: "Hey F.W. I think one of your weirdo Australian friends is here!"


This game originally appeared in the Austraila Print Edition .