Ramses' Richochet Maze




Great, you've come just in time to help me. Moo-Cow invited me to his beach party, but I lost my “beach cape” somewhere along the way. Will you be a pal and help me find it? I think it's just on the other side of this maze, but to get to it we can only move in a straight line until we come to a wall. When we get to a wall we can go in any open direction except diagonally. Okay, lets go!


Try using your cursor as a playing piece that you move through the
maze. It makes it easier to figure out where you are going. Or use the
printer link at the bottom to print the game out and play it with a pen.



Thanks for finding my cape! But, I just remembered that I told Moo-Cow I would bring ten coconuts for a dish he’s making. Can you help me collect the ten coconuts in this maze before we exit out the other side? It’s okay if we have to backtrack to get all of the coconuts, as long as we get them all before we leave. The rules are the same as before


Play the FLASH Version of the first maze HERE!


solution page

This game originally appeared in the MCFC Hawaii Print Edition .