Toad House





Are you ready to go into the toad home-building business? Alright, get your hard hat on and let’s start!


1. First, get a large can, flower pot, or plastic tub to act as your main structure. If you are using a can, make sure there are no sharp edges around the opening that will hurt the toad.


2. Next you're going to decorate or paint it any way you want, but if you are using something with a lot of writing or pictures on it, it might be a good idea to first paint the whole thing with a layer of solid color, just to cover it up.


3. Then you can paint your house design on (you can make it blend in with the environment, or paint it to look like a little mini version of your house). You’re going to be laying the can on its side, so keep that in mind when you’re designing it.



4. After the paint has dried, and you are happy with your design, spray it a few times with the clear acrylic spray. This will help the paint last through storms and other foul weather.


5. Bring your toad house outside to a nice spot. Toads like water, so the closer to a pond or other water source, the better. Or, if you don’t have a pond, find a moist shady spot in your garden. (Keby told me that she loves toads in her garden because they eat a lot of the pesky bugs.)


6. Then lay the house on its side, and bury half of it. Fill the inside with dirt because that’s what toads like to sit on.


    That’s it! Now just sit back and keep an eye out for a toad looking for a new home. If lots of toads are in you area, they probably won’t want to be roommates (unless they’re in toad college), so you might want to build more homes for them. Eventually you could build a whole toad town, with rocks for decoration and a little pond for swimming. Just try not to bother the toads too much or they might move out, after all no one likes an annoying landlord. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a house warming party to go to!


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