Make Your Own Rain Stick



ave you ever listened to the soft drip drop of rain on your roof? Doesn’t it sometimes sound like a song? And even though I don’t like thunder, when it’s far away, it sounds like a wild drummer. Sometimes a storm can be so musical. Now you can make your own stormy music with a rain stick!

Rain sticks are actually traditional instruments in many cultures. The Diaguita people from Chili made them from dried cactuses filled with pebbles. When they rattled the pebbles, it sounded like rain falling, which was supposed to remind the forgetful rain gods to make it rain.


Personally, I like to shake my rain stick while Ramses is getting ready to go out. He never looks out the window and ends up putting on his rain cape,
boots, and umbrella no matter what the real weather is like!





1. Draw two intersecting spirals around the length of your tube.








Hammer in your nails along the spirals. Place one every half inch for the best sound.






Open up one end of the tube and pour a cup of rice into the middle. When you close it back up again, make sure the top and bottom are secure. You can even tape them on just to make sure. To make your rain stick smooth and ready to paint, wrap it in craft paper.







4. All that’s left to do is break out the paints and make it pretty.








You can give it a more traditional look with tribal-type designs, or you can go crazy and decorate it any way you want. To listen to the rain, tilt the tube back and forth. But be careful, don’t tilt it on a day you want sunshine because the gods just might pick that day to listen to your stick and make it rain!