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Seeds of Love - Valentine's Craft

Seeds of love Card



alentine's day is a time to show appreciation for those you love. I love all my friends, and of course I love gardening. I've decided that I'm going to combine my two loves and give away seeds this February 14th! Of course, I won't just hand people a pile of seeds. Instead, I'm going to make everyone a special card to put the seeds in. Because the only thing better than getting a packet of seeds, is getting a packet of seeds and a really nice handmade card!


For this craft you'll need:

Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue, a Packet of Seeds.



This craft creates a really pretty card that looks like two flowers growing out of a flowerpot and it can be given with or without seeds inside.

Piece of Brown Handmade paper





Cut a piece of dark colored paper into rectangle that is as wide as you want your flowerpot, but twice as tall. I'm using handmade paper that is created from plants, but regular construction paper will work fine.






draw pot on paper





2. Fold the rectangle in half and draw a flowerpot shape on the front.


Paper Pot Halves





3. Cut out your flowerpot so when you unfold your paper you have two flowerpot shapes attached by their bottoms.





Seven Paper Hearts









4. Now take other colors of paper and for each flower you want in your pot cut out:

- 1 flower stem

- 1 flower center

- 6 small heart shaped flower petals

- 1 large heart shaped flower leaves


Assemble paper flowers

5. Assemble and glue down your flowers on the front side of the top flowerpot shape.
Glue Closed Paper Flower Card.
6. Put a bead of glue along the side edges of your top flowerpot half. Fold the bottom half up to meet it and seal them together. Do NOT glue the top of the flowerpot closed.
Grass Seed
7. Either put some seeds from a larger pack into a small baggie, or get a store bought packet of seeds.









Final Seed Love Card





8. Write a message on the front of the flower pot and slip the seed pack inside. I also like to put a second message on the seed pack as well. Depending on how big you've made your flower pot you may have to fold the pack to fit it in.


You are now ready to spread seeds of love amongst your friends and family. Remember, Valentine's day is not the only time of year people like to get cards letting them know that someone out there loves them. You can make this any time of year, because people can always use a smile and some seeds to plant. Happy Valentine's day!




Make Your Own Rain Stick



ave you ever listened to the soft drip drop of rain on your roof? Doesn’t it sometimes sound like a song? And even though I don’t like thunder, when it’s far away, it sounds like a wild drummer. Sometimes a storm can be so musical. Now you can make your own stormy music with a rain stick!

Rain sticks are actually traditional instruments in many cultures. The Diaguita people from Chili made them from dried cactuses filled with pebbles. When they rattled the pebbles, it sounded like rain falling, which was supposed to remind the forgetful rain gods to make it rain.


Personally, I like to shake my rain stick while Ramses is getting ready to go out. He never looks out the window and ends up putting on his rain cape,
boots, and umbrella no matter what the real weather is like!





1. Draw two intersecting spirals around the length of your tube.








Hammer in your nails along the spirals. Place one every half inch for the best sound.






Open up one end of the tube and pour a cup of rice into the middle. When you close it back up again, make sure the top and bottom are secure. You can even tape them on just to make sure. To make your rain stick smooth and ready to paint, wrap it in craft paper.







4. All that’s left to do is break out the paints and make it pretty.








You can give it a more traditional look with tribal-type designs, or you can go crazy and decorate it any way you want. To listen to the rain, tilt the tube back and forth. But be careful, don’t tilt it on a day you want sunshine because the gods just might pick that day to listen to your stick and make it rain!






Toad House





Are you ready to go into the toad home-building business? Alright, get your hard hat on and let’s start!


1. First, get a large can, flower pot, or plastic tub to act as your main structure. If you are using a can, make sure there are no sharp edges around the opening that will hurt the toad.


2. Next you're going to decorate or paint it any way you want, but if you are using something with a lot of writing or pictures on it, it might be a good idea to first paint the whole thing with a layer of solid color, just to cover it up.


3. Then you can paint your house design on (you can make it blend in with the environment, or paint it to look like a little mini version of your house). You’re going to be laying the can on its side, so keep that in mind when you’re designing it.



4. After the paint has dried, and you are happy with your design, spray it a few times with the clear acrylic spray. This will help the paint last through storms and other foul weather.


5. Bring your toad house outside to a nice spot. Toads like water, so the closer to a pond or other water source, the better. Or, if you don’t have a pond, find a moist shady spot in your garden. (Keby told me that she loves toads in her garden because they eat a lot of the pesky bugs.)


6. Then lay the house on its side, and bury half of it. Fill the inside with dirt because that’s what toads like to sit on.


    That’s it! Now just sit back and keep an eye out for a toad looking for a new home. If lots of toads are in you area, they probably won’t want to be roommates (unless they’re in toad college), so you might want to build more homes for them. Eventually you could build a whole toad town, with rocks for decoration and a little pond for swimming. Just try not to bother the toads too much or they might move out, after all no one likes an annoying landlord. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a house warming party to go to!


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