Who: Rhetorical

Rhetorical The Oracle


M.O.: Rhetorical is one of the last true Oracles in the world, and he is very, very old. No one knows just how old he is, but he never fails to amaze the gang with first hand accounts of events from the 20th century all the way back to ancient times. Rhetorical doesn't only know about the past, but the future as well. The strict oracle codes he lives by keeps him from revealing all that he knows about the future, but if you pay attention to what he says you might find hints about things to come. Rhetorical wishes he would see a lot more relaxing in his future, but that is hard when you're friends with this crowd.


Most likely to be overheard saying: Harumph!


Most likely to be seen eating: He does enjoy a nice cookie and a cup of tea now and then.


Most likely to be seen wearing: His cloak. He says that it has served him well for centuries so there is no reason to change styles now.


Spends his weekends: Trying to relax and meditate, but instead usually gets interrupted by Ramses & F.W. wanting to hear a story, or Kiweenie needing information for something he's teaching in class, or Moo-Cow doing research for one of his books, or ... you get the picture.


Check out Rhetorical's blog to find out more about the past, present and future.