Who: Willy T.

Willy T. the puppy


M.O.: Willy T. is F.W.'s funny looking puppy with the big nose. Or at least that's how most of the gang sees him. Rhetorical knows Willy T.'s true nature, and some of the others suspect it, but it would break F.W.'s heart to find out that Willy T. is not exactly the puppy he always wanted. Willy T. has also become the official MCFC Art Gallery curator because his gigantic doghouse had the most empty wall space around, and he seems to have a real natural eye for artistic talent.


Most likely to be overheard saying: "BRRRREEEEEEHHHHHHH!"


Most likely to be seen eating: MAMMOTH bowls of puppy food.


Most likely to be seen wearing: Just his WOOLY PJs.


Spends his weekends: Playing with F.W. and giving the gang lifts on long adventures. When he is back at his doghouse he spends much of his time framing, hanging, dusting, and straightening art from Moo-Cow Fan Club Fans.


Check out Willy T.'s blog to see the latest (and past) art sent in by fans. Or send
Willy T. some of your artwork for him to hang in the gallery.