Who: F.W.

F.W. master of the flucorder


: Cute and kind, F.W. has a lot of heart and a lot of patience, which he needs to be Ramses' best friend and roommate. F.W. is the only known "master" of a unique wind instrument he calls the flucorder. Its origins are mysterious, F.W.'s not even sure of them himself, but he loves the instrument and practices it whenever he gets the chance.

Most likely to be overheard saying
: "I call that piece _____ (fill in title of latest flucorder composition)"

Most likely to be seen eating
: F.W. is a lover of many foods and has a real problem deciding which is his favorite.

Most likely to be seen wearing
: Usually just his flucorder.

Spends his weekends
: Practicing his flucorder, trying to keep Ramses out of too much trouble, and playing with his puppy Willy T. He also likes to spend time coming up with unique crafts.

Check out F.W.'s blog where you can hear about some of his latest flucorder compositions. Or you can try your hand at some of F.W.'s
great crafts here.