Who: Ramses

Ramses The Great


: Ramses is rascally, rude, ridiculous, rotten, and really kind of a brat, but he doesn’t see it that way.

Most likely to be overheard saying
: "I know, you've never met anyone as awesome and as good looking as me before. No need to say it. Well, no more than once."

Most likely to be seen eating
: Junk food or F.W.'s famous Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes.

Most likely to be seen wearing
: His cape, which he doesn't like to be seen without. Even when dressing up fancy, or in costume, he'll somehow work his cape into his wardrobe.

Spends his weekends
: Hanging out with F.W. (his best friend and roommate), who's one of the few people who can forgive Ramses for being so obnoxious and such a troublemaker. He doesn't try to make people mad, and he really does like his friends, but being self-centered comes very naturally to Ramses.

Check out Ramses' blog if you can stand his long ramblings about how great he thinks he is. Or try your luck at one of Ramses' original games here.