Who: Kiweenie


Kiweenie Bug Eater


M.O.: A cute, fuzzy, little Kiwi bird with an insatiable appetite for bugs of all kinds. When he can take his mind off of his six-legged lunch, Kiweenie is very knowledgeable. His vast storehouse of odd facts and unusual information led to his nickname Professor Kiweenie. He teaches the only official class at MCFC University.


Most likely to be overheard saying: "Oooh, a yummy little buggy!" or "Okay class, settle down and take your seats."


Most likely to be seen eating: Guess.


Most likely to be seen wearing: Normally, just the fuzzy feathery coat that nature gave him. Except when he's in class. Then he of course puts on his official professoring hat.


Spends his weekends: When he's not in the classroom he really has a one-track mind. No one is sure when he takes time from his busy bug eating schedule to learn all the stuff he knows. Maybe bugs are the real brain food.


Check out Kiweenie's blog to find out the latest areas of study in his classroom, or
to find out more than you'd want to about the plump and juicy caterpillar he
ate for lunch.