Who: Keby

Keby the Gardener


M.O.: A sharp and witty young girl with the greenest of green thumbs. Keby's mind is often on her garden, but she's a good multi-tasker who can grow vegetables and help the gang solve their problems all at the same time.


Most likely to be overheard saying:
"I like dirt, and dirt don't hurt!"


Most likely to be seen eating: Veggies fresh from her garden. When it comes to food, it's strictly organic vegetables for Keby. When asked why she's a vegetarian she likes to say, "Do you go around eating your friends?"


Most likely to be seen wearing: Her trusty, durable, and well-loved overalls, a T-shirt, and some sandals.


Spends her weekends: Working in her garden or hanging out with the rest of the gang. Someone’s got to be the voice of reason in this bunch.
Check out Keby's blog to find out her latest gardening tips.