Who: Moo-Cow

MooCow Circles

M.O.: Calm and quiet, Moo-Cow is the leader of the MCFC gang. He might not always be the center of attention, but don't be fooled, it's all about the cow man.


Most likely to be overheard saying: "...."


Most likely to be seen eating: Grass, of course. Although, he loves
to cook and can often be found whipping up unique snacks for his friends. Take a look at some of his recipes and see for yourself.


Most likely to be seen wearing: Whatever fits the adventure. Moo-Cow
is always the first to dress up for whatever the occasion, and it’s amazing how he always seems to have a perfect costume.


Spends his weekends: Going on adventures with the rest of the gang during the day, and then writing adventure, science-fiction, fantasy and
mystery stories at night. He likes to be up late, when the rest of the world is asleep, and write under the stars that are as bright and silent as he is.


Check out Moo-Cow's blog.