Who's Who


Who: Moo-Cow

MooCow Circles

M.O.: Calm and quiet, Moo-Cow is the leader of the MCFC gang. He might not always be the center of attention, but don't be fooled, it's all about the cow man.


Most likely to be overheard saying: "...."


Most likely to be seen eating: Grass, of course. Although, he loves
to cook and can often be found whipping up unique snacks for his friends. Take a look at some of his recipes and see for yourself.


Most likely to be seen wearing: Whatever fits the adventure. Moo-Cow
is always the first to dress up for whatever the occasion, and it’s amazing how he always seems to have a perfect costume.


Spends his weekends: Going on adventures with the rest of the gang during the day, and then writing adventure, science-fiction, fantasy and
mystery stories at night. He likes to be up late, when the rest of the world is asleep, and write under the stars that are as bright and silent as he is.


Check out Moo-Cow's blog.


Who: Keby

Keby the Gardener


M.O.: A sharp and witty young girl with the greenest of green thumbs. Keby's mind is often on her garden, but she's a good multi-tasker who can grow vegetables and help the gang solve their problems all at the same time.


Most likely to be overheard saying:
"I like dirt, and dirt don't hurt!"


Most likely to be seen eating: Veggies fresh from her garden. When it comes to food, it's strictly organic vegetables for Keby. When asked why she's a vegetarian she likes to say, "Do you go around eating your friends?"


Most likely to be seen wearing: Her trusty, durable, and well-loved overalls, a T-shirt, and some sandals.


Spends her weekends: Working in her garden or hanging out with the rest of the gang. Someone’s got to be the voice of reason in this bunch.
Check out Keby's blog to find out her latest gardening tips.


Who: Kiweenie


Kiweenie Bug Eater


M.O.: A cute, fuzzy, little Kiwi bird with an insatiable appetite for bugs of all kinds. When he can take his mind off of his six-legged lunch, Kiweenie is very knowledgeable. His vast storehouse of odd facts and unusual information led to his nickname Professor Kiweenie. He teaches the only official class at MCFC University.


Most likely to be overheard saying: "Oooh, a yummy little buggy!" or "Okay class, settle down and take your seats."


Most likely to be seen eating: Guess.


Most likely to be seen wearing: Normally, just the fuzzy feathery coat that nature gave him. Except when he's in class. Then he of course puts on his official professoring hat.


Spends his weekends: When he's not in the classroom he really has a one-track mind. No one is sure when he takes time from his busy bug eating schedule to learn all the stuff he knows. Maybe bugs are the real brain food.


Check out Kiweenie's blog to find out the latest areas of study in his classroom, or
to find out more than you'd want to about the plump and juicy caterpillar he
ate for lunch.


Who: Ramses

Ramses The Great


: Ramses is rascally, rude, ridiculous, rotten, and really kind of a brat, but he doesn’t see it that way.

Most likely to be overheard saying
: "I know, you've never met anyone as awesome and as good looking as me before. No need to say it. Well, no more than once."

Most likely to be seen eating
: Junk food or F.W.'s famous Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Pancakes.

Most likely to be seen wearing
: His cape, which he doesn't like to be seen without. Even when dressing up fancy, or in costume, he'll somehow work his cape into his wardrobe.

Spends his weekends
: Hanging out with F.W. (his best friend and roommate), who's one of the few people who can forgive Ramses for being so obnoxious and such a troublemaker. He doesn't try to make people mad, and he really does like his friends, but being self-centered comes very naturally to Ramses.

Check out Ramses' blog if you can stand his long ramblings about how great he thinks he is. Or try your luck at one of Ramses' original games here.


Who: F.W.

F.W. master of the flucorder


: Cute and kind, F.W. has a lot of heart and a lot of patience, which he needs to be Ramses' best friend and roommate. F.W. is the only known "master" of a unique wind instrument he calls the flucorder. Its origins are mysterious, F.W.'s not even sure of them himself, but he loves the instrument and practices it whenever he gets the chance.

Most likely to be overheard saying
: "I call that piece _____ (fill in title of latest flucorder composition)"

Most likely to be seen eating
: F.W. is a lover of many foods and has a real problem deciding which is his favorite.

Most likely to be seen wearing
: Usually just his flucorder.

Spends his weekends
: Practicing his flucorder, trying to keep Ramses out of too much trouble, and playing with his puppy Willy T. He also likes to spend time coming up with unique crafts.

Check out F.W.'s blog where you can hear about some of his latest flucorder compositions. Or you can try your hand at some of F.W.'s
great crafts here.


Who: Willy T.

Willy T. the puppy


M.O.: Willy T. is F.W.'s funny looking puppy with the big nose. Or at least that's how most of the gang sees him. Rhetorical knows Willy T.'s true nature, and some of the others suspect it, but it would break F.W.'s heart to find out that Willy T. is not exactly the puppy he always wanted. Willy T. has also become the official MCFC Art Gallery curator because his gigantic doghouse had the most empty wall space around, and he seems to have a real natural eye for artistic talent.


Most likely to be overheard saying: "BRRRREEEEEEHHHHHHH!"


Most likely to be seen eating: MAMMOTH bowls of puppy food.


Most likely to be seen wearing: Just his WOOLY PJs.


Spends his weekends: Playing with F.W. and giving the gang lifts on long adventures. When he is back at his doghouse he spends much of his time framing, hanging, dusting, and straightening art from Moo-Cow Fan Club Fans.


Check out Willy T.'s blog to see the latest (and past) art sent in by fans. Or send
Willy T. some of your artwork for him to hang in the gallery.


Who: Rhetorical

Rhetorical The Oracle


M.O.: Rhetorical is one of the last true Oracles in the world, and he is very, very old. No one knows just how old he is, but he never fails to amaze the gang with first hand accounts of events from the 20th century all the way back to ancient times. Rhetorical doesn't only know about the past, but the future as well. The strict oracle codes he lives by keeps him from revealing all that he knows about the future, but if you pay attention to what he says you might find hints about things to come. Rhetorical wishes he would see a lot more relaxing in his future, but that is hard when you're friends with this crowd.


Most likely to be overheard saying: Harumph!


Most likely to be seen eating: He does enjoy a nice cookie and a cup of tea now and then.


Most likely to be seen wearing: His cloak. He says that it has served him well for centuries so there is no reason to change styles now.


Spends his weekends: Trying to relax and meditate, but instead usually gets interrupted by Ramses & F.W. wanting to hear a story, or Kiweenie needing information for something he's teaching in class, or Moo-Cow doing research for one of his books, or ... you get the picture.


Check out Rhetorical's blog to find out more about the past, present and future.