Seeds of Love - Valentine's Craft

Seeds of love Card



alentine's day is a time to show appreciation for those you love. I love all my friends, and of course I love gardening. I've decided that I'm going to combine my two loves and give away seeds this February 14th! Of course, I won't just hand people a pile of seeds. Instead, I'm going to make everyone a special card to put the seeds in. Because the only thing better than getting a packet of seeds, is getting a packet of seeds and a really nice handmade card!


For this craft you'll need:

Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue, a Packet of Seeds.



This craft creates a really pretty card that looks like two flowers growing out of a flowerpot and it can be given with or without seeds inside.

Piece of Brown Handmade paper





Cut a piece of dark colored paper into rectangle that is as wide as you want your flowerpot, but twice as tall. I'm using handmade paper that is created from plants, but regular construction paper will work fine.






draw pot on paper





2. Fold the rectangle in half and draw a flowerpot shape on the front.


Paper Pot Halves





3. Cut out your flowerpot so when you unfold your paper you have two flowerpot shapes attached by their bottoms.





Seven Paper Hearts









4. Now take other colors of paper and for each flower you want in your pot cut out:

- 1 flower stem

- 1 flower center

- 6 small heart shaped flower petals

- 1 large heart shaped flower leaves


Assemble paper flowers

5. Assemble and glue down your flowers on the front side of the top flowerpot shape.
Glue Closed Paper Flower Card.
6. Put a bead of glue along the side edges of your top flowerpot half. Fold the bottom half up to meet it and seal them together. Do NOT glue the top of the flowerpot closed.
Grass Seed
7. Either put some seeds from a larger pack into a small baggie, or get a store bought packet of seeds.









Final Seed Love Card





8. Write a message on the front of the flower pot and slip the seed pack inside. I also like to put a second message on the seed pack as well. Depending on how big you've made your flower pot you may have to fold the pack to fit it in.


You are now ready to spread seeds of love amongst your friends and family. Remember, Valentine's day is not the only time of year people like to get cards letting them know that someone out there loves them. You can make this any time of year, because people can always use a smile and some seeds to plant. Happy Valentine's day!