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ou might know this ancient Chinese game as Tangrams, but around here I like to call it Ramgrams. This version of Ramgrams is dedicated to some of my most awesome dance moves! I bet you didn't know I was such a good dancer, did you? Well, try and keep up by recreating my moves as a Ramgram. To make Ramgrams, cut out the individual shapes that form the square below (seven shapes in all) and fit them together to create the silhouette of my move. Don't overlap any of the pieces and make sure you use them all for each silhouette. See the example above to get an idea of how the pieces can fit together.


Click image to get the printable Ramgram pieces.

Tamgram Pieces

Click on the one of the Ramgrams, or more traditional Tangrams, below and see if you can solve them with your printed out Ramgram pieces. Or you can just practice my sweet dance moves.




Ramgram 1

Ramgram 2 Ramgram 3
Ramgram 4
Ramgram 5
Ramgram 5



Tangram Head 1

Tangram Duck Tangram Fox
Tangram Head 2
Tangram Goose
Tangram Rabbit