The Wee Free Men - By Terry Pratchett

Reviewed by Simon

Wee Free Men Book Cover
kay, this is an awesome book by the (wonderful) author Terry Pratchett. It's about a nine year old girl named Tiffany Aching, who wants to be a witch... Terry Pratchett has a different definition of witch than most people. It's kind of hard to explain so you'll have to read the book. When she loses her little brother Wentworth, she goes in search of him. He happens to have been stolen by the sinister queen of the fairies... she marches into fairy-land, armed with a frying pan and her common sense. Oh, yeah. The Wee Free Men. I almost forgot the best part. She has the help of six-inch high blue (actually they're completely covered in blue tattoos...) men. They enjoy drinking, fighting and stealing. They mostly speak English, although they have a few words of their own.


Crivens! - a general interjection


Waily - a cry of despair

Bigjobs - human beings

Full of great comedy and page-turning adventure, this book is a must-read for any fantasy-lover.