The Beasties - By William Sleator

Reviewed by Lauren K. Age 11


Beasties Just Cover
he Beasties is a book about a boy named Doug and his sister Collette. They moved to a very eerie town where everybody was jumpy and always had the jitters. They just thought that the people were weird, until they met their housekeeper, Mrs. Sloan. The strangest thing about Mrs. Sloan was that she wore a Halloween mask all the time. Once they figured out that the mask was there because she had no nose, they began to notice that everyone in the town had a missing body part. One day, Doug and Collette went for a hike in the woods. Then, they fell into a square pit. The creature they saw could have been human, except its teeth curved down from either jaw, and it just sat there wailing. Then they noticed that it was all sewn together like a rag doll. Once they got out of the pit, they went to Mrs. Sloan and asked what the creature was. She said that the creature they saw was called a beastie. The beasties are animals who steal children's body parts and sew them on themselves. "That's what happened to my nose," Mrs. Sloan explained. If you want to find out what happens next, read the book.


The Beasties was an action-packed book because it had new and interesting situations that needed Doug and Collette's help. Also, it was filled with suspense and mystery. I didn't like Doug, though, because he seemed way overprotective of Collette. I thought that all of the beasties were really cool. But my all-time favorite character would have to be Collette. She seemed in control, like she knew what to do and what time to do it. Also, it was cool of her to keep calm when she heard about the beasties and how they stole little children's body parts. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves creepy, suspense-filled books.