Dragon Slayers' Academy book 1 - By K.H. McMullan

Reviewed By David P. Age 11


Dragonslayer's Academy vol. 1 Just CoverOne of my favorite books is the Dragon Slayers Academy.
It is about a boy named Wiglaf who is going to Pinwick village for a festival with his mean family. While he was walking to Pinwick, he reads a note, which was on the message tree. It was about DSA, the Dragon Slaying Academy! Wiglaf wanted to go really bad but he had to get his dad's consent. His dad asked everyone in his family except Wiglaf if they wanted to go to DSA. In the end, Wiglaf's dad thought Wiglaf was worthless in the cabbage fields (because he was so scrawny) so he decided Wiglaf could go. Wiglaf was so happy. He didn't think at all about the trouble waiting for him along the way to DSA.


Dragon Slayers Academy is a really good book. I would recommend this book to all my friends. I like Dragon Slayers Academy because Wiglaf meets up with a lot of trouble. For example, when Wiglaf doesn't have seven pennies to get into DSA he has to wash dishes to pay it off until he gets seven pennies. Even though these books are short, they are really addicting. I will definitely read all the books in the series. K. H. McMullan is an awesome author.