Coraline - By Neil Gaiman

Reviewed by Erick C.


Coraline just Cover
oraline, not Caroline, has just moved into a new apartment with her parents. Feeling neglected one rainy afternoon, Coraline explores her new home, counting everything blue (153), the windows (21), and the doors (14). One of these doors, however, is unusual. It is a big, carved wooden door in the family's fancy drawing room, and when her mom unlocks it, Coraline discovers that there's nothing behind it, just a brick wall. Coraline's mother closes the door, but doesn't lock it. Why should I lock it," she says, "It doesn't go anywhere." How wrong she is. That night Coraline is awakened by something that comes out from the door, a black shape she can't see clearly, and the next day she decides to take another look.


Coraline opens the door, and the bricks are gone, replaced by a long, dark corridor. On the other side, she finds a duplicate of her own apartment, only better. Her room is filled with colors and wonderful toys, and her closet with bright and exciting clothes. Her "other" parents are here, too, though just a bit different. They are very tall and thin, and as white as paper. Their fingers are long, ending in sharp nails. Plus, instead of eyes, they have shiny black buttons sewn onto their faces. When Coraline returns back to her real apartment, she finds that her real parents have vanished and realizes that there is only one thing she can do.


Coraline is my new favorite book. This is one of the few creepy and scary books that is actually very well written. So give this book a try. You might get a little scared, but that's the best part, right?