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The Winter Yurt

Meat tray print with water colors on handmade paper.



meat tray print of MCFC Yurt.


Since Becky shared some images of the MCFC headquarters in winter, I figured I would take this opportunity to share a recent print I made.


This is how headquarters looks on a clear winter night and for years I was unable to capture it on film (although, as you can see by Becky's post we finally have). I started making what I like to call Meat Tray Prints, using the foam trays that vegetables and meat are packaged in to create an image and print it. Once I started to get the hang of it, I realized I could try to convey the feeling I get looking at the yurt on a winter night. This is just a random one out of the 25 prints I made of this image. The thing I love about making prints is that they each come out a little different and have their own character (especially because I hand colored them). But even though each is different, and each captures different aspects of the winter yurt better than others, I know looking at any of these prints in the summer will instantly bring me back to that place.


I'll put up some more meat tray prints soon, and maybe I can even get F.W. to do a Craft Corner about it so you can learn how to make your own.

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that's pretty wicked stuff

that's pretty wicked stuff right there!

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Thanks for the Wicked nice comment Phillum!

Hey Phillum! Don't we know you through our good pal MCsquared and his grandpa? Glad you like the print!

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