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Bonus, web only, super special, top secret, official Sword of the Ramurai illustration ! 

So, you've gotten our book, Sword of the Ramurai (right?), and you've read it 3 or 4 times already (hey, don't laugh, this phenomena has been reported by multiple sane individuals), yet this illustration doesn't look familiar to you.


Moo-cow has trouble with chopsticks


There is a reason for that. That reason being, I forgot to put this image in the book!

I do have a little excuse (not really). I'm claiming that it's been left out because I never quite finished it, I wasn't happy with his front leg which is a little wonky.  Sure, I could have fixed that up in under twenty minutes, but you know I didn't think of it once all the other pictures were laid out and everything fit together so nicely. Okay, maybe there is a spot in the book where I could have put this, and maybe I will in the next edition, but for now it will remain a "bonus, web only, super special, top secret, official Sword of the Ramurai illustration !" (I've got to make it sound like this was all planned).


Would like an original Moo-Cow Fan Club drawing by little old me? All you have to do is come to one of our signings and participate in the chopstick challenge! Each participant (12 and under) gets an original drawing of Kiweenie trying to catch his lunch with chopsticks.


kiweenine with chopsticks


You're next chance to attend one of our book signing events is May 16th at Main Street Books, 16 East Main Street
Warner, NH 03278


We are now booking signings and events for June and July so let us know if you are interested.



No bad post, write more

No bad post, write more

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I know we've gotten very bad about updates since we moved to China to teach. But I have officially started working on illustrations for the next book so maybe another update will be coming soon!

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