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birdy-popup-closeup.jpg Check out that crazy hair!



Hellooooo class. Guess what? I'm an uncle! That's right, the Phoebe family chicks hatched!


It can take up to two weeks for the eggs to hatch, and two weeks came and went and we kept our ears peeled for the little chirp chirps of baby birds. Well, we never heard any and we started to get worried.


We couldn’t see what was going on, because the door the nest is on top of is much taller than any of us. Then Moo-Cow got the excellent idea to climb up a ladder and hold a mirror above the nest so we all could see into it. That's when we finally caught our first glimpses of the babies all quiet and curled up at the bottom! They were so silent and motionless we were still worried about them, but Moo-Cow could see them breathing very lightly.





It turns out that Phoebe chicks actually don’t make much noise, or move very much, unless mom or dad is bringing them food. That's why we didn't hear them when they were born. It takes 16-18 days for the birds to learn how to fly, so we'll still have them around for a little while.


Meanwhile, I've been learning other things about phoebes, like they have a unique habit of twitching their tails up and down. Some birds bob their heads up and down, but you can always tell a phoebe by its "wagging" tail.


Phoebes also like to eat bugs, like I do. Actually, Mrs. Phoebe and I both went for a delicious looking mosquito yesterday but then I remembered she had some new babies to feed, so I let her have it.


The Phoebes will hang around here in the northeast until late fall when they fly south for the winter. I've liked having them around, but I will be glad to not share my bugs with them anymore! I think I'll go over to the nest and see how my new nephews are doing. Class dismissed!


A rare appearance by a baby Phoebe in its first week out of the egg. Mostly they've stayed tucked down at the bottom. Maybe they are starting to get curious about all these weird creatures hanging around their nest with mirrors and cameras.


For more about birds, nests, and baby animals, check out the MCFC BABY ANIMAL PRINT EDITION .


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So Funny!

Those Phoebe kids are so funny looking! I love their fuzzy hair and bright yellow beaks. I crack up every time one of them pops their head out of the nest.

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I'm a good role model

I made some capes for those new (funny looking) Phoebe kids because I want to see them grow up with good fashion sense (plus I thought it might help them learn to fly better). When I brought them over that overprotective Mrs. Phoebe wouldn't let me give the capes to them. I don't know what her problem is they are awesome capes. They look just like mine!

Anyway, if anyone has any use for some tiny capes let me know.

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Birds don't wear capes!

Ramses, Mrs. Phoebe wouldn't let you give the chicks capes because birds don't wear capes! It wouldn't work at all. Think of them trying to learn to fly with a piece of cloth covering their wings. She's not crabby, she's just being a good mother.

Plus I hope when you two say that my nephews are funny looking you mean ADORABLE!

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Kiweenie's right! They are adorable!
speaking of birds,I once found one on my door step my cat,Marbeles got that fell out of a tree! it wasn't a phoebe though.

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mabye it was Moonpie, but it was a long time ago so i really don't remember...

go moo-cow! go Ramses! go F.W.! go Keby! go Kiweenie!
go willy t.! go Rhetorical! go! go! go! goooooooo!

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