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ramses-and-phoebe.jpgRamses: "Hey Mrs. P! How's the egg sitting going? Y'know, when those hatch you should let me know. Those kids of yours will need a good role model like me around."


ellooo class. I'm pleased to announce the coming birth of four new babies…bird babies! No, they're not kiwi birds, but eastern phoebes! Mr. And Mrs. Phoebe decided to move in and build a nest right on top of the front door of Moo-Cow Fan Club Headquarters!


It's been a little bit inconvenient (we now have to use the back door all the time) but it's been great getting to know the Phoebes and watching them start a family. Phoebes are small, grayish-brown birds with white bellies. They get their name from their birdcall, which sounds like "fee-bee."


It might sound strange that a bird would build a nest above a door, but phoebes tend to build nests under structures like bridges and overhangs. The top of the door isn’t a very wide space for building a nest, but the phoebes managed to do it by sticking grass and small twigs together with mud.

This makes the whole thing very sturdy and also wide enough to start a family in. Actually, the nests have to be built to last because once it is made, the phoebes return to it year after year. So, I guess we have a new neighbor!


Mrs. Phoebe laid four eggs a week or so ago, which is normal (they usually lay 2-6 eggs). Now we're all waiting patiently for the little guys to hatch out into the world. It can
take up to two weeks, but we've been keeping a close eye on the family. I hatched out of an egg myself, and let me tell you, it’s pretty tough!



I wanted to get the Phoebes to come in to class to talk to you today, but Mrs. Phoebe says she needs to stay in her nest to keep the eggs warm, and Mr. Phoebe is staying around for protection.

Don’t worry though, I'll keep you all posted and let you know as soon as the eggs hatch!

Sorry I couldn't get a better picture of the eggs. It was hard to even get this one!




















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I love the Phoebes!

Mr. and Mrs. Phoebe are so nice, I like having them for neighbors! They even sing along with my flucorder playing. I think they know music is good for growing children.

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I don't know about those crazy birds

I'm not so sure about Mr. and Mrs. P. They get all chirpy and annoyed with me when I go to visit, and then they fly away to the trees when I get close. They just leave their eggs all alone! Then I have to stay there and watch the eggs but Mr. and Mrs. P don't come back right away and I'm a busy ram, so I usually just have to leave the eggs alone too.

I'm not sure they're very good parents. I can't be expected to babysit their little eggheads all the time.

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They're Here!!!

The Eggs Hatched! Mr. & Mrs. Phoebe are proud parents of four funny looking, fuzzy, little chicks! I'll give you the full update in my next blog post! They're so cute!

Oh, and Ramses, the Phoebe's asked me to ask you to not hang out by the nest so long. They won't come back to the nest while you're standing there (that's how they avoid predators).

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But I'm not a predator! I've never eaten a bird in my life. I better bring those crazy Phoebe's a baby gift so they know I'm not a threat. Plus their kids are going to want to meet the coolest guy around. Babies love me.

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Yay, more wasp eaters!

The Phoebes have been doing a great job eating the wasps around here (we have a lot), and now there are more mouths to feed, so hopefully they'll eat even more.

I love when nature provides its own solutions to problems. Now we have Phoebe friends who will come back every year and help us with our wasps. Thank you Phoebes

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congrats kiwinne! your a uncle! and also i LOVE the pictures!

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