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I don’t know about where you live, but here at MCFC headquarters we have been getting buried with snow, ice and freezing rain this winter. Normally, we keep pretty busy in winter with snowball fights, making snowmen, sledding and ending our day with a hot cup of cocoa. But the first major storm of this winter was a major ice storm which knocked out our power (and water) for 13 days! Then, we got buried by a number of giant storms that dumped a foot or more of snow, and added to all that we had a week of arctic weather with temperatures reaching -20 degrees!

So, this winter is getting a little too cold and snowy for most of us. Kiweenie doesn’t like going outside because he sinks so far into the snow that all we see is a beak sticking up for air. F.W. tries to run around but the snow it taller than him in most parts, and he doesn’t have a beak so we’re just afraid he’ll get lost! Keby is always bummed during winter because she can’t see her beloved plants. In fact, the only one who isn’t too upset by the snow is Willy T. because he is so tall, even the biggest snow drifts don’t bother him. Plus, his shaggy coat keeps him plenty warm in even the coldest weather.


Here are some pics from our cold and snowy winter!


Tree fallen in driveway

This is the driveway to MCFC Headquarters. No wonder we didn’t have any power for two weeks!


Snowy conference table
No board meetings until the snow melts!

Night time Yurt
At least headquarters is staying nice and toasty warm!

Garden covered by three feet of snow
This is Keby’s circular garden she created last summer. It’s under about 3 feet of snow!

Red winter cactus
Even without a garden though, Keby has to keep some plants around. This is her Christmas cactus which only blooms in the winter.

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