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  • Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


    You know all those seeds that just seem like part of the gross, gooey, mushy pumpkin guts? Well, they are actually a delicious snack! Usually people just toast pumpkin seeds using salt as a flavoring, but why not try something else? You can cover them with garlic powder, curry powder, seasoned salt or anything else you can think of. Or, how about trying one of these recipes?


  • Eating in China is soooooo much fun! You just walk around the street and there are people with little carts set up, or in tiny storefront shops, selling delicious dumplings, soups, buns, and my new favorite—spring onion pancakes! The only way these are anything like a pancake is they're flat. Other than that they are more like a yummy, savory, fried dough (I definitely wouldn't recommend them for breakfast). In China, they only cost us about ten cents each, and I got one fresh from the cooker. It was so hot it burned my hands, but it was worth it!

    I really wanted to learn how to make these so I got Moo-Cow's expert cooking help. It turns out that they are simple to make with just a few basic ingredients! Here's our recipe. I hope you find them as delicious as we do!


    I can't stop thinking about F.W.'s chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes. They sound yummy. Can I have the recipe? Thank you!

    -Melissa H. Via e-mail



    kay Melissa, it wasn't easy, but we managed to get the recipe for you. We didn't have problems because F.W. was trying to hide the secret family recipe or anything, but because he didn't have the recipe! It turns out that this is a recipe his mom taught him and he's always just remembered it, but he remembered it as a pinch of this, a dash of that, and paw full of the other thing. He had no real measurements at all! So we sent F.W. into the MCFC test kitchens, with our master chef Moo-Cow, to work out a recipe everyone could follow. It took a lot of batches of delicious pancakes to get it right, but they finally got it down to a written recipe F.W. is happy with. Here is the outcome and we have to admit, they really are

  • Thirsty? Try our famous bug juice! Quench your thirst and gross out your friends. Bug juice is easy to make and delicious to drink! 

    You'll Need:

    1 Quart of Ginger Ale
    1 Can of Lemonade Concentrate
    2 Cups of Raisins
    2 Dozen Strawberries


  • One of the most important holidays in Australia is ANZAC day, celebrated on April 25. ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps, and the day celebrates the brave deeds of the men who fought in World War I. There are huge celebrations held every year, and many people celebrate by making ANZAC biscuits (cookies). These cookies were created during the war when people would send them in care packages to the soldiers. You can make a batch of these anytime of the year, but make sure to bake a batch to celebrate ANZAC day!


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