• MCFC Fan Bennie A. sure looks an awful lot like our very own Keby with her overalls and pigtails. She even hangs out with a cow!

    Bennie and her doll dressed like Keby



    Bennie A. Reads MCFC magazine dressed as Keby



    Bennie A. dressed as Keby doing a little gardening.


    Thanks for the great pictures Bennie! Keby says she likes your style.


  • Rebecca S. with Moo-Cow Feltie

    Rebecca S. posing with the Moo-Cow feltie she recently made (and she did a great
    job on it!).


    Rebecca S. in Ramses Cape

    Rebecca showing off her Ramses style cape! I almost didn't want to post
    this one because it will just fuel Ramses' ego, but it is too great not to share
    with you.






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