Flash version of Ramses' Ricochet Maze was created for us by Moo-Cow Fan Club fan Douglas K. Thanks Douglas! 
Help Ramses get through the ricochet maze and find his cape!


Move your mouse along the path you would like to follow (Ramses face will appear in each square you move to).


Can you get to the cape in 25 squares or less while following this rule?


 Try Again!


Rubylr's picture


This is SOOOOOOO cool and so fun. I played it SO many times and got 23 squares!

Ramses's picture

Ramses is always Cool

I knew you'd like it! That Douglas K. is smart. He knew that what the people wanted is a game where my face pops up everywhere they go!

23 is pretty good. I got 15 though. F.W. said I was cheating because I didn't only turn at walls. I pointed out that it's my face on the game so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing. 

Ryan's picture


Ramses you were cheating. It's impossible to get 15 and follow the rules. I won't say what the lowest number you can get is, but I will say that Rubylr did VERY well. Glad you like the game!

bigyboy's picture

he he he he!

i did all 88 squares on purpose!

F.W.'s picture

Did it take you all day??

That sounds about right for Ramses he's always wanedering off and getting lost!

jesster's picture


this is so cool i could play it all year!

Ryan's picture

Glad you like it!!

Thanks Jesster! I passed your comment on to the person who put this game together for us, so he can see it is appreciated. We'll have to make some more like it!

jesster's picture


i found out a way to get 15 whith out cheating. so i geuss there is a way to get 15

Ramses's picture


Proof that I'm not a cheater! Geez, a ram is just too good at games and people are forever accusing him of cheating! Good work Jesster! It must feel pretty nice knowing that you're as good as me at games. Well, almost as good as me.

Ryan's picture


I could have sworn you couldn't get 15! I'll tell you what Jesster, if you send us a drawing that shows the route you took to get to the end in 15, and it is correct, we'll send you a free Moo-Cow Fan Club T-shirt!

Send it to: PO Box 165, Peterborough NH, 03458

jesster's picture


i figured ot the way i was doing it was wrong .

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