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  • Flash version of Ramses' Ricochet Maze was created for us by Moo-Cow Fan Club fan Douglas K. Thanks Douglas! 
    Help Ramses get through the ricochet maze and find his cape!


    Move your mouse along the path you would like to follow (Ramses face will appear in each square you move to).


    Can you get to the cape in 25 squares or less while following this rule?


     Try Again!


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    Help Moo-Cow figure out what he's going to the costume party!

    Drag the items over to Moo-Cow and design the costume you think he should wear.

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    Ramgram Example
    Ramgram Example Solution
    Example Puzzle Example Solution


    ou might know this ancient Chinese game as Tangrams, but around here I like to call it Ramgrams. This version of Ramgrams is dedicated to some of my most awesome dance moves! I bet you didn't know I was such a good dancer, did you? Well, try and keep up by recreating my moves as a Ramgram. To make Ramgrams, cut out the individual shapes that form the square below (seven shapes in all) and fit them together to create the silhouette of my move. Don't overlap any of the pieces and make sure you use them all for each silhouette. See the example above to get an idea of how the pieces can fit together.


    Click image to get the printable Ramgram pieces.

    Tamgram Pieces

    Click on the one of the Ramgrams, or more traditional Tangrams, below and see if you can solve them with your printed out Ramgram pieces. Or you can just practice my sweet dance moves.




    Ramgram 1

    Ramgram 2 Ramgram 3
    Ramgram 4
    Ramgram 5
    Ramgram 5



    Tangram Head 1

    Tangram Duck Tangram Fox
    Tangram Head 2
    Tangram Goose
    Tangram Rabbit



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    Ramses' Awesome Animal Arranger

    This is a creature F.W. and I made up using the R.A.A.A.. F.W. says it looks just like a friend of his from Australia!




    Have you ever noticed that most of Australia 's animals look like someone just decided to be silly one day and make up a bunch of creatures that seem unbelievable and ridiculous (look at F.W.)?

    I figured if someone got to have all that fun putting pouches on everything, making a bear that wasn’t a bear, and assembling the platypus from spare parts, then we should get to have that kind of fun too! That’s why I’ve invented Ramses’ Awesome Animal Arranger! It’s a simple device to help you and your friends populate your neighborhood with as many oddities as the Outback, and it’s simple to use.

    R.A.A.A. Templateraaa-template.gif


    R.A.A.A. Rules

    1. The frst person takes the template and, hidden from everyone else’s view, draws any kind of crazy head in the top space (make sure you continue the neck lines a little into the next space).

    2. Then fold that section back along the dotted line and hand the paper to the next person. That person, without seeing the head, draws a chest and arms for the creature and folds it back.

    3. You continue this until all the sections are filled in and then you unfold it to see what crazy creature you have created!

    Click on the template to get a printable version. Or you can just use a regulare piece of paper seperated into four sections.


    Ramses: "Hey F.W. I think one of your weirdo Australian friends is here!"


    This game originally appeared in the Austraila Print Edition .




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    Ramses' Richochet Maze




    Great, you've come just in time to help me. Moo-Cow invited me to his beach party, but I lost my “beach cape” somewhere along the way. Will you be a pal and help me find it? I think it's just on the other side of this maze, but to get to it we can only move in a straight line until we come to a wall. When we get to a wall we can go in any open direction except diagonally. Okay, lets go!


    Try using your cursor as a playing piece that you move through the
    maze. It makes it easier to figure out where you are going. Or use the
    printer link at the bottom to print the game out and play it with a pen.



    Thanks for finding my cape! But, I just remembered that I told Moo-Cow I would bring ten coconuts for a dish he’s making. Can you help me collect the ten coconuts in this maze before we exit out the other side? It’s okay if we have to backtrack to get all of the coconuts, as long as we get them all before we leave. The rules are the same as before


    Play the FLASH Version of the first maze HERE!


    solution page

    This game originally appeared in the MCFC Hawaii Print Edition .


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