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Editor's Note: I would like to introduce to you David T., a literature loving eleven year old who also enjoys writing reviews (under the name Reviewer Inc.). Since David does his ratings in dragons (instead of stars) we are calling his section Dragon Picks. At the bottom of each review you can see how many dragons David gave the book out of a possible five. 




Murder At Midnight  by Avi

Review by Reviewer Inc.


Murder at Midnight Review
Fabrizio is a 10 year old boy whose parents have died. Once homeless, he now is a servant for a magician who does not really like him. The magician’s wife, the mistress of the house, does like him. The mistress leaves to tend to a sick cousin, leaving Fabrizio alone with the magician, Mangus, and Mangus’ other 2 servants.

All of a sudden, papers announcing treason against the king pop up all over the

city of Pergamontio, Italy. These papers are exactly alike but there are no photocopying machines back in 1490. Mangus is accused of making them by magic. Fabrizio, in a promise made to his mistress to protect Mangus, sets out to prove his master’s innocence.

I enjoyed this book because of its mystery and suspense. I enjoyed the Italian setting with the street vendors on the sides of the roads and the magic performances by Mangus. I liked that Fabrizio can make friends very easily. I would have given this book 5 dragons but for the complex pronunciations and titles of the Italian names. Good reading.


David Says: 4/5 Dragons

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