Oraculous Tales Book Series


Oraculous Tales Vol 2

The Fuzzy Philosopher

Written by Becky Ances & Illustrated by Ryan Wilson 

ISBN # 9780982234013

124 pages / Paperback / $8.95 / Pub 11-9-10 / Distributed by Ingram 

When the MCFC gang find themselves all decked out in robes and standing in the middle of an ancient Greek market, they know they've once again been drawn into one of Rhetorical's mysterious stories. For Kiweenie this is a dream come true. It could be his chance to have a conversation with his hero, the philosopher Socrates. That is if he can actually work up the courage to say something to him before the great man meets his tragic fate! Can the gang do something to save Socrates? Will Kiweenie be able to do more than squeak helplessly around his idol? Is making cookies for your friends a nice thing to do? Is it really necessary for us to ask so many questions? You'll have to read the book to find out for yourself!


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Sword of the Ramurai

Oraculous Tales vol. 1:

Sword of the Ramurai

Written by Becky Ances & Illustrated by Ryan Wilson 

ISBN # 0-9822340-0-7

80 pages / Paperback / $8.95 / Pub 12-1-08 


A story told on a rainy day turns into a wild adventure through time. When Moo-Cow and his friends find themselves suddenly transported to sixteenth century Japan, they are dazzled by clothes, food and customs completely new to them. That is, until one of them is mistaken for a master swordsman and forced to join a clan of samurai warriors on the eve of a battle. Through this tale the Moo-Cow Fan Club gang, and the reader, learn about meditation, Zen gardens, Japanese food and clothing, samurai culture, and even how to use chopsticks.

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Dinosaur Print Edition Thumb


Let Moo-Cow be your dino guide through a world where the thunder lizard still roams! Find out what happens when you invite a Sauropod over for lunch, see the first ever MCFC dinosaur awards, take a ride with the "Fossil Finder", play "Dueling Dinosaurs," create your very own dinosaur egg and much more! Buy Now



Australia Print Edition Thumb


Have you ever wondered what F.W.'s homeland is like? Tour some ofAustralia's most important landmarks, learn to speak 'Strine, find outif Ned Kelly was a criminal or hero, learn how to create your ownaboriginal style art and much more! Buy Now




Pioneers Print Edition Thumb


Pack up your wagon and join Moo-Cow and his friends on the OregonTrail. Take a peek into Ellie's diary, listen to grandpa's harrowingstories about river crossing, find about forts, go among the tribes,learn how to make your own jumping Jack, and much more! Buy Now




Weather Print Edition Thumb


Grab your umbrella and head out into the storm with Moo-Cow. Be amazed by some of the world's weirdest weather, find out where rain cloudscome from, learn how to make your own rain stick, get on the case withthe weather detectives, and much more! Buy Now




Insects Print Edition Thumb


Join Moo-Cow in taking a look at the world creeping and crawling aroundin your yard. You'll "Meet the Beetles," find out if a bug is a pest ora guest, learn how to make your own insect theater, hear the shockingtruth about the flea circus, eat some bugs with a real bug chef, andmuch more!Buy Now




Insects Print Edition Thumb


Travel to sunny Hawai'i with Moo-Cow and the gang. Take a "Tacky TikiTour," find out how the god Maui tore an island apart, go surfing withthe Duke, read a queen's plea, learn how to make your own lei, and muchmore!! Buy Now




Egypt Print Edition Thumb

Ancient Egypt

Go up the Nile, and back in time, with Moo-Cow & the gang! Find outthe sun god's secret, meet some famous pharaohs, take a tour with atomb robber, and make your own Sock Pharaoh's Mummy, and much more! Buy Now




Baby Animals Print Edition Thumb

Baby Animals

It's time to take a peek into the nest and check out some baby animals!Find out what happens when dad's in charge, learn what it's like tospend your childhood in a pouch, let Keby teach you how to make abutterfly garden, find out what the strangest baby animal of all is,and much more! Buy Now



Sports Print Edition Thumb


Time to put on your sneakers and join team Moo-Cow! Discover why therules were not meant to be broken, which sports are watched by theworld, why some people say walk, don't run, and much more! Buy Now






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