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  • Ramses's picture


    Ramses Big News Press Conference

    Cover of Ramses' Comic Journal


    So have you seen my exciting news? I announced it in 'Ramimation'--a new groundbreaking animation process I came up with all on my own. Whaddya think of that?! In case you didn’t see my Ramimation I'll have to tell you can now buy a whole line of Ramses products! Not only have I collected the Ramses' comics in one place (and added a bunch of bonus materials including games and pin-up's) but you can now buy three t-shirts with my face and a piece of advice in a series I'm calling "Ramses’ Rules For Life."






    Ramses in one of his new shirts
    I wanted to say a word about "Ramses' Rules For Life." You see, as I was putting my comic book together I realized how many wise things I say everyday. I say a lot of wise things that you don't even get to hear if you're not around me all the time. And I thought that was a shame. Why should all that good wisdom go to waste? So I sat down and wrote out all the pieces of advice that I've given in the last few days. The list numbered in the hundreds and I'm still goin'! And what better way to share my wisdom then on a t-shirt. That way you can share it with everybody you come in contact with! Plus, the only other shirts in the store have Moo-Cow's face on 'em, and who wants that over my face?

    I told you I had big news!

    So go buy a lot of my stuff from my part of the MCFC store!






  • Ryan's picture

    Just last weekend we here at MCFC helped organize, and had a table at, broke: Affordable Arts Fair! It was a huge success with hundreds of people coming out to buy art from 50 different artists. The best part about it was that most of the artwork was 50 dollars or under!

    Moo-Cow table at broke arts fair


    Original MCFC art


    It was also the first time we've ever sold any original Moo-Cow Fan Club art! We've always just kept our original artwork because we found it hard to part with, but we think it's time to give the MCFC fans out there a chance to own their own piece of Moo-Cow history. We only offered a few pieces for sale there, but we will be preparing some more for the store.

    Ramses & F.W. Bestest Friends


    We pre-made some felties to sell as well as the feltie kits.



    And we had one more new thing for sale there. Something Ramses whipped up at the last moment . He was pretty proud when he sold some of these.

    Ramses Comic zine

    That's right, Ramses' Comic now in print! A longer version of this (with lots of bonus content and a new cover) will be available in the MCFC store next week!


    We had a great time organizing and attending broke and we'll probably be doing it again in November. We'll let you know.


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