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  • Becky's picture
    Welcome to our campsite!

    Moo-Cow wading out in the pond


    Our home for the next two weeks is actually pretty nice. It's a great spot, and it's completely surrounded by trees (when you are going camping with Moo-Cow and the gang it's best to have no other sites too close because a marshmallow fight can erupt at any time). We've also got an incredible view out over a nice big pond, and we have a picnic table and fire pit. What more could we possibly want?


    The first thing we did when we got here was set up our tents. I'm sharing the medium tent with Ryan, while Keby, Moo-Cow and Kiweenie are sharing the big tent and Ramses and F.W. are sharing the small one. Rhetorical said as a bear he'd be embarrassed to be caught sleeping in a tent and then he walked off into the woods. We each picked our spots, argued a little over who got the rockier bits, and within a few minutes had our tents set up. Well, almost all of us did. Despite having only two poles and a small tent Ramses and F.W. had a hard time figuring out how it all went together. I'll share some of the pictures I took of them as they worked it out.



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    They are already having trouble roughing it and we've only just arrived! I can't wait to see how the gang reacts to the camping life over the next couple of weeks. I think they'll do okay. I know they have a lot of great activities planned for us all, and who wouldn't be happy spending time in such a great spot! Well, whatever happens I'm glad you could join us for some camping!


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    Fan art gang has lost Keby

    Editor's Note: This is part 1 of a great 2 part comic Thomas H. had sent us way back when we were doing the last couple print editions, but we were never able to run it in the print MCFC gallery. By the time we started getting fan art up on the web the second piece had disappeared. We've looked high an low for it but can't find it anywhere. This really upsets us because it was so good, and we are usually extremely careful with fan art. We're really sorry Thomas! As soon as the other part shows up we'll put them both togehter in our fan comic section as well.

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    We had a new friend come visit us the other day...a porcupine! We asked him to come inside (we were playing gin rummy) but he declined, ate lots of clover, and then wandered off in search of more food. (F.W. was making his famous oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes but the porcupine left before they were done. I guess he wasn't a pancake kind of guy!)

    Kiweenie Greets a Porcupine
    Porcupines are amazing creatures and often misunderstood. Their most obvious and unique feature is their quills. It might look like they are wearing a jacket full of nails, but porcupine quills are actually modified stiff hairs and their body is covered in thousands of them!


    Contrary to popular belief, porcupines can't shoot their quills at an enemy. When a porcupine feels threatened it stretches a muscle on its back, which makes all of its quills stand up. That's usually a scary enough sight to frighten a predator away.
    Kiweenie Flees Porcupine


    But, if the porcupine still feels threatened, it goes into attack mode by backing up towards the predator. If a predator persists, the porcupine sticks it with quills, then releases the quills and walks away. This doesn't hurt the porcupine but is definitely painful for the animal that attacked it. The quills are hard for the animal to get out and they dig in deeper and deeper making big wounds that can lead to death. The porcupine meanwhile walks away from the fight only missing a few quills, which it re-grows quickly.


    There's a reason porcupines have such a good defense system. It's because they aren't particularly fast. That might be putting it a bit nice. Are there any porcupines around here? No, okay, then I'll tell you. Porcupines are really slow! I didn't want to hurt their feelings. Not that there is anything wrong with that. They like to take life easy, sit and eat and enjoy the scenery. They are vegetarians and you can often find them sitting in a tree, munching on the leaves, twigs and bark while watching the world go by.


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    Porcupines may remind you of other spiky animals like the hedgehog but they are actually part of the rodent family. Yep, that's right, this cute little guy is a cousin of the rat!




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