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F.W. eats a cookie







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    Help Moo-Cow figure out what he's going to the costume party!

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    The Great Ramses!
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    Old Wrinklehead
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    The Young Old Guy
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    ell, you might have noticed that we've been taking a bit of a break from the website after we finished the camping trip. We're sorry about that but it's for a very good reason. We're finally getting to work on the art for what will be the first MCFC book release, and the first in a series called "Oraculous Tales." Each book in the series will find the gang being transported to a different time and place in history to have an adventure and meet Rhetorical at the age he was then. Here is a sneak peek at the very first illustration that kicks off the first Oraculous Tale called, "Sword of the Ramurai!"



    Rhetorical's cave


    It all begins at Rhetorical's cave on a rainy day.


    So, please bear with us for a few more weeks of scant updates while we continue to work on the book. We'll keep you informed about our progress on the book as we work on it, and of course we'll let you know when it is finally done.

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    sun sets over the pond


    Our last night of camping was perfect. We had a beautiful sunset, a good fire, a perfectly clear night, and we even convinced Rhetorical to finally tell a scary campfire story (a little too scary for me).



    Rhetorical telling campfire story



    We packed up early the next morning and all piled back into the car to head home. Not far from our campsite we saw this little turtle trying to make his way across the road.


    turtle crosses the road 


    Moo-Cow had us stop so he could provide the turtle with ferry service to the other side.

    Turtle rescue



    Thanks for coming camping with us, we hope you enjoyed it! Why don't you leave us some comments telling us about some of your past camping adventures, we'd love to hear about them!  


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