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    Ramses and I are trick-or-treat pros. We get so much candy every Halloween that it lasts us until the next year. Some of you will point out that Halloween shouldn't be all about candy and we shouldn't be eating so much of it. But to you, I say "Trick-or-treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!"


    Ramses' & F.W.'s super tips for getting the biggest

    Halloween candy haul you've ever seen.

    Ramses and F.W. Trick or Treating

    1) Have a couple of costumes ready. Start early and run to all of houses on your route. Then, run home, drop off your candy, and change costumes. Go to all of them again. Do this as many times a possible. We suggest fake mustaches, vampire teeth, funny wigs and other easy to switch accesories to help you change your appearance quickly!


    2) Have an adult drive you to all the big houses in the fancy pants neighborhoods. They usually have the real good candy. You might even get full candy bars!


    3) Try to get your parents to take you out later in the night. People are looking to unload their extra candy and you can be a willing recipient. Can you believe that there are people who want to get rid of candy?!


    4) Ask around at school beforehand and see which houses have the most generous candy givers. Planning a route that is known to have good candy hordes is smart trick or treating. Rember, quantity of houses does not always beat quality. Sometimes it's best to go to fewer houses where the nice people know how to spoil a trick or treater instead of hitting a bunch of houses where they give out the dreaded pennies.


    Oh, and make sure your parents are okay with you getting so much candy, and show it to them before you eat it. They might go on about your teeth and dentists and stuff, but they're parents and that's what they're supposed to do.


    Happy Halloween and Happy trick-or-treating!



  • Kiweenie's picture


    Hey look what we went to see! Who ever thought that throwing pumpkins with ancient castle siege technology would be so fun!

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    The Yankee Siege is located at the Yankee Farmer in Greenfield, NH.



  • Ramses's picture

    Alright, so those other two guys had another debate and were afraid to invite me, again. Who needs to debate though, I'm obviously the people's clear choice in this election, have you seen the poll? I'm cleaning up!


    Just to make sure my rise to the White House (I think I'll rename it the Cape Castle when I get there) doesn't hit any snags, I'm going to unveil my newest and greatest campaign poster yet.! It was created by one of my biggest supporters, Gomoo, and she really got this one perfect. Just look at it...


    Ramses Campaign Poster by Gomoo

    What more could you want. It reminds people about my big promise (capes for all), it has a handsome likeness of me on it. and it has given me a great idea for renaming the states. I think Gomoo is on to something with that. My first one will be Alabama though. I like the sound of Ramabama.


    Thanks Gomoo! Maybe you can be my poster advisor when I'm president.

  • Keby's picture


    Pumpkin Patch with Keby and F.W.



    You probably only think of pumpkins at Halloween when you’re carving them into jack-o-lanterns, but they’re actually pretty amazing plants worthy of year-round admiration. Here are some pumpkin facts you might not have known about.


    A single vine can grow as long as 30 feet. At its peak, the vine can grow as much as 6 inches a day!


    The pumpkin is a member of the Cucurbit family which includes squash and cucumbers, and the fruit is the largest in the vegetable kingdom.


    Pumpkin plants usually keep low to the ground, but they do have the ability to climb over shrubs, up fences and even onto roofs! They do this by sprouting little tendrils that are touch sensitive and can curl around any waiting object in the path of the vine.


    The flowers of the pumpkin plant are edible. I like them fried in a batter and topped with a little powdered sugar.


    If a pumpkins skin is broken while it is young, it will cover the wound with a “scab.” Sometimes people will use a blunt object to draw something on a pumpkin so it will permanently bear the mark. It’s something like a pumpkin tattoo!


    Right now is an exciting time for pumpkins because the world record for weight is being broken every year. Currently the record is held by a pumpkin that weighed 1,689 pounds, but it looks like it might be beat this year by “The Beast From the East,” a pumpkin that currently weighs about 1,878 pounds and is still growing! These giant pumpkins can put on 30lbs a day and some people say if you watch them closely you can actually see them grow.




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