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  • Becky's picture

    Here is a list of Moo-Cow Fan Club events we've got planned so far for Summer 2009. If you are near any of these locations you should come out and see us because we have a lot of fun at our book events! Plus, if you come and participate you can get an original illustration like this.



    Kiweenie chopstickin' illustration


    May 16th - Main Street Book Ends in Warner NH @ 2pm

    This is during the "Spring Into Warner" festival, so lots of fun stuff will be happening all day long.


    May 21st - 23rd - FPEA (Florida Parents & Educators Association) Homeschool Convention @ The Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando Florida

    We'll have a table here for all three days and will have lots of special deals and items no longer for sale on the site.


    May 29th - 31st - Book Expo America @ the Javits Center in New York City

    We will not have a booth at this, but we will be there all three days. If you are going and would like to meet up with us just contact me!


    June 6th - Broke: The Affordable Arts Fair in Peterborough, NH @ the Union Congretational Church from 10am - 4pm

    This is a great arts fair where all kinds of cool artwork is on sale cheap! We'll have a table full of great stuff. Including Moo-Cow books, magazines, original artwork and our own handmade teas!


    June 27th - Just Books in Old Greenwich, CT @ 10am

    We'll be at Just Books at 10am to meet and hang out with all you early birds, but at 11am the real fun begins when we start our interactive reading of Sword of the Ramurai and play our chopstick game that can win you an original MCFC illustration!


    July 16th - Book Revue in Huntington, NY (Long Island) @ 7pm

    This is Ryan's return home to the town he grew up in! Lots of friends, family and fans should make this a very exciting MCFC event. Interactive reading, chopstick game, and some special secret fun!


    Oh, and did you know that if you come get your copy of Sword of the Ramurai signed at an event you get this cool "chop" as well as our signatures?

    Sword of the Ramurai Chop! 

    If you need directions or more information about any of these events please contact us!


    If you can't make it to any of these events you can let us know where you live and where you would like us to have an event and we'll see what we can do. 


    And if you just want to get a copy of Sword of the Ramurai without having to actually see us, please order it here.

  • Keby's picture


    You know that I love drinking tea, but did you know I make my own "tea" from my own herbs? Throughout the summer, I dry lots of herbs and use them for cooking and tea making in the winter. What I make is not technically tea because there are no tea leaves in it, but we'll just call it herbal tea to make things easy.

    Keby's homemade tea 

    I just made a batch of Keby’s Mint Special-Tea and wanted to show you how I do it and how easy it is for anyone to do. You don't even need to have your own dried herbs since you can buy them in most markets these days. I'll show you how to make mint tea because it's easy, and the only herb you'll need is mint!

    dried herbs in jars 

    I have a kitchen tool called a mortar and pestle. The mortal is like a thick bowl (made out of stone) and the pestle is a heavy crusher you use to mash things up in the mortar. This is a tool that has been used by healers, cooks, and everyday people for thousands of years! Think about it, people didn’t always have blenders, or food processors like we do now, so people used the mortar and pestle to break up nuts, grind spices, crush herbs and generally moosh up all sorts of things. Even though it is a very old tool, I still find it very useful when making tea. 

    mortar and mint

    You could crush up dried leaves into tiny bits, but I don’t like doing that. I like to crush the leaves just a little so that some more of the minty flavor is released. I only crush up what I know I am going to use in a short amount of time because once the leaf is crushed it doesn’t keep its flavor as long.

    I then take the mint from the mortar and put some into open tea bags. I have to buy these special. They are just like the bags that you get in a box of tea, but the top is open so you can put your own tea inside. Then, you iron them closed and you have a regular looking tea bag! 

    ironing tea bag

    If you would like a string in your tea bag remember to put the end of it into the bag before ironing. Also only use string that has been processed with non-toxic materials because it will be in your tea.


    F.W. helps out by making fun tea bag tags. Check these out!

    Handmade tags for tea

    If you make tags for your tea just staple them to the end of the string on each tea bag. A tag can have you own design on it so people know they are drinking your special tea.



    It’s always important to label your tea properly, so I write what herbs I used on one side of the label, and how it affects you on the other side. For instance, mint tea helps you with digestion, it can relax you at the end of a long day, and it can wake you up in the morning. Pretty amazing for a few leaves soaked in water!


    keby's finished tea bags

    NOTE: If you would like to try mint tea, and don't have the special tea bags, just put some dried mint in a cup of hot water and scoop out the leaves when it is strong enough for you. If you are interested in making other kinds of herbal tea, get an herb book from your local library and look up other herbs you are interested in. Always do this before you use any herbs in tea, because even some common ones are not good for you to drink. Once you know of some safe herbs that you like, you can start making your own herbal tea recipes!


  • Ryan's picture

    Bonus, web only, super special, top secret, official Sword of the Ramurai illustration ! 

    So, you've gotten our book, Sword of the Ramurai (right?), and you've read it 3 or 4 times already (hey, don't laugh, this phenomena has been reported by multiple sane individuals), yet this illustration doesn't look familiar to you.


    Moo-cow has trouble with chopsticks


    There is a reason for that. That reason being, I forgot to put this image in the book!

    I do have a little excuse (not really). I'm claiming that it's been left out because I never quite finished it, I wasn't happy with his front leg which is a little wonky.  Sure, I could have fixed that up in under twenty minutes, but you know I didn't think of it once all the other pictures were laid out and everything fit together so nicely. Okay, maybe there is a spot in the book where I could have put this, and maybe I will in the next edition, but for now it will remain a "bonus, web only, super special, top secret, official Sword of the Ramurai illustration !" (I've got to make it sound like this was all planned).


    Would like an original Moo-Cow Fan Club drawing by little old me? All you have to do is come to one of our signings and participate in the chopstick challenge! Each participant (12 and under) gets an original drawing of Kiweenie trying to catch his lunch with chopsticks.


    kiweenine with chopsticks


    You're next chance to attend one of our book signing events is May 16th at Main Street Books, 16 East Main Street
    Warner, NH 03278


    We are now booking signings and events for June and July so let us know if you are interested.



  • Ryan's picture

    The Winter Yurt

    Meat tray print with water colors on handmade paper.



    meat tray print of MCFC Yurt.


    Since Becky shared some images of the MCFC headquarters in winter, I figured I would take this opportunity to share a recent print I made.


    This is how headquarters looks on a clear winter night and for years I was unable to capture it on film (although, as you can see by Becky's post we finally have). I started making what I like to call Meat Tray Prints, using the foam trays that vegetables and meat are packaged in to create an image and print it. Once I started to get the hang of it, I realized I could try to convey the feeling I get looking at the yurt on a winter night. This is just a random one out of the 25 prints I made of this image. The thing I love about making prints is that they each come out a little different and have their own character (especially because I hand colored them). But even though each is different, and each captures different aspects of the winter yurt better than others, I know looking at any of these prints in the summer will instantly bring me back to that place.


    I'll put up some more meat tray prints soon, and maybe I can even get F.W. to do a Craft Corner about it so you can learn how to make your own.


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