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    Editor's Note: Dave T. is a literature loving eleven twelve year old (happy birthday Dave!) who also enjoys writing reviews (under the nameReviewer Inc.). Since he does his ratings in dragons we are calling his section Dragon Picks. At the bottom of each review you can see how many dragons Dave gave the book out of a possible five.




    Calamity Jack (graphic novel) 
    By Shannon and Dean Hale / Illustrated by Nathan Hale
    Review by Reviewer Inc. 


    Calamity Jack Graphic Novel

     This book is about Jack, the baker’s son and he is always scheming. Sometimes his “capers” are bad, although his intentions are good, most of the time. His mom is poor, so he plans to get money from the giants (not the transaction way) and meets a hermit who gives him 5 beans. He plants one that grows and gives him a ride to where he needs to get the money from. A giant catches him as he’s trying to steal the favorite golden egg laying goose of the he head giant, Blunderboar. The giant pursues him down the beanstalk but Jack chops it down, killing the giant.  


    Blunderboar is having his morning tea when he sees the giant, accompanied by a falling beanstalk, slam into the ground and die. Blunderboar wants to kill Jack so Jack runs out west and meets Rapunzel. When they’re on the “iron horse” (train) heading home to Skyport, they are attacked by the Ant people but Rapunzel’s trusty braids save them. 


    When they arrive at Skyport, they find it in ruins. The Ant people did this. So now Jack must solve the case, with the help of a couple of friends, why the Ant people destroyed Skyport. While Jack’s doing that task, he must also save Skyport from another enemy. 


    This book is a graphic novel and is in full color. I don’t really like any full color graphic novels or comic books because I’m used to reading black and white. This was a good novel because it had non-stop action and some funny parts, too. I didn’t like how Jack was sometimes a thief, but it was good to see he redeemed himself in the end. 


    4/5 Dragons

    Review Dragon Review DragonReview DragonReview Dragon



  • Ryan's picture


    Becky and I were recently at big home school fair in Florida showing off our issues of Moo-Cow Fan Club magazine and our latest book Sword of the Ramurai. On the first day of the fair, a girl named Grace bought some issues of the magazine because she liked the way it looked. Just knowing we've reached one more person with Moo-Cow Fan Club always makes us happy, but this was just the beginning of our meetings with Grace that weekend. 

    Ryan & Becky meet Grace

    The next day of the fair, Grace and her mom returned to our booth so Grace could tell us how much she enjoyed reading Moo-Cow Fan Club the night before. We were extremely happy to hear that, and then she said she wanted to show us some drawings she did after reading the issues. I was really excited to take a look at what I expected to be a couple of drawings (fan art is my favorite thing!) and then Grace handed me a notebook that was half full of MCFC drawings! I couldn't believe how many she had done and how good they were! In fact most of the characters even looked way cuter then I draw them. This actually happens a lot with the fan art, and I have a suspicion that all MCFC fans happen to also be great artists.

     Grace let me take pictures of her drawings so I could share them with you. Here are most of them (sorry that I didn't use them all Grace but some of my pics came out too blurry). Let us know which ones are your favorites because we'll be picking a few to frame and put up in Willy T.' s Gallery.


    Fan Art




    Fan Art




    Fan Art




    Fan Art




    Fan Art




    fan art





    fan art




    fan art




    Thank you so much Grace! We love all the drawings and we love having you as a new Moo-Cow Fan Club Fan! 




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