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When Becky Ances first met Ryan Wilson in college, she asked him to be the first subscriber to a newsletter about the adventures of her adored stuffed animal, Moo-Cow. With that Becky and Ryan fell in love and set off on an incredible creative journey together. After more than a decade, their creative output has grown from that original newsletter to include, an award-winning magazine, an excitingly original chapter book series and a multi-media website. All of which feature Moo-Cow and the cast of characters Becky and Ryan met on their travels around the world after college.

The Moo-Cow Fan Club is a place where children can go to laugh and learn something too. Through the magazines, chapter books and the website, the Moo-Cow Fan Club invites children to spend some time in a place where a cow, ram, wombat, kiwi bird, bear, giant "puppy", and young girl all quickly become their friends.

The Magazine 

Each ad-free edition of the Moo-Cow Fan Club magazine is dedicated entirely to one topic (such as ancient Egypt, weather, insects, and dinosaurs to name a few). In addition to funny yet educational articles, there are also sections which reveal the subject through the eyes of the MCFC characters. Each edition is also full of fun crafts, recipes, activities, games, and comics that all relate to the theme. There are 14 of these editions you can dive into!

note: New editions are not being produced at this time, so subscriptions are no longer available. But you can order backissues by contacting the Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough, NH

e-mail them or call 603-924-3543



The Books

Oraculous Tales, the new Moo-Cow Fan Club chapter book series, uses a similar approach to the magazine to envelope the reader in history, science, arts and other cultures through a fictional adventure story. When Rhetorical the Oracle tells the Moo-Cow Fan Club gang a story they find themselves transported to the time and place of that tale. In each book, information and insight about the time period and the culture is conveyed through the adventure story itself. Along with this, more in-depth information is offered in sidebars that take the shape of everything from games to crafts to drawing exercises.  







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